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Love Is Strong during Covid...

Our sympathies are with all Covid survivors who are searching to heal from an unexpected loss or who are mending themselves from its grasp. No doubt it is a complicated time in history and a test of a stubborn adversary versus our human resilience.

We would like to assure you that our business, as before, takes protective measures to guard the cleanliness of all of our products. All china, ceramics, and crystal pieces are thoroughly cleaned, polished, and packaged with gloved hands. Crystal glasses are steamed prior to shipping and towel dried before shipping. Non-washable items are carefully reviewed and cleaned, where possible.

When it comes to shipping, our boxes and any interior packaging are new, never recycled. 

So while we are doing our part to safely prepare your wonderful purchase, let’s focus on the most prized treasure...You!

Love life. Do unto others, safely distance, polish your hands, think peace, and look for the light beyond the challenge. It is there.

                                                             Humbly put, this too will pass.