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About Us

To this vast online universe meet a hop, skip, and a jump company that is tapping its stick (lightly) against your picket fence. 

We like picket fences. They go with the American Dream-a family, kids, pets, and the big one, a home. To that dream we'd like to hope everyone is successful not only in their lives, but in providing for a nice home. One with beautiful things (not everything has to be new!) that bring a personal touch and serene, elegant delight.

Since 2018, and located in Connecticut, USA, our goal is to find "Pre-Loved" items that give a home that special touch. Some of our items are antiques, some are vintage, and some are modern. Tea cups, teapots, dinnerware, crystal, art, jewelry, and home decor-they are all uniquely magical. They have that pull that relates to something- a spark or a memory-inside us.

All our items are well-researched, beautifully pampered, clean and carefully warehoused. 

Put that together, along with our commitment to five star customer satisfaction, toward earning your trust, and you have the calling card that is standing by your fence.


Welcome and buy with confidence. All purchases are processed securely through Shopify Payments. After an order is placed the credit processor displays, to us, only the last four digits of the payment source. Bincheys.com does not come anywhere near to seeing or having access to your full credit card number. That part of the order is for the credit card processor, not us. Nope. Our job is to find and place beautiful pieces into our customers hands, nothing more.

Remember: Any questions, just contact us at info@bincheys.com.  Welcome!

Best Regards and Happy Shopping